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Customer Feedback


“At several adjustment applications on our Laserline high power diode lasers we apply the beam profiling software RayCi. In the product divisions we appreciate the stability and reliability of CINOGY Technologies RayCi, which is an important aspect for us. Colleagues are pleased about the visualization and usability of RayCi.

For Beam Quality measurements we make use of the CinSquare M² Tool in combination with the CinCam CMOS 1201. The RayCi professional version offers a plurality of helpful measurement tools which are commonly used for development purposes. Furthermore we are very satisfied with the quick customer service which is a strong basis for a fruitful cooperation.” 

Michael Bay, Laserline GmbH, Germany

Customer Feedback

“The CINCAM CMOS1201-IR is among the most frequently used tools in our laser optics laboratory. We use it routinely for beam profiling, alignment, and pointing stability measurements. The compact size allows for use in densely packed optical setups, and the software interface is flexible and intuitive, providing a large amount of information at a glance. The IR sensitive sensor coating makes this single profiler usable with all of our lasers, ranging from 400 to 1500nm wavelengths.

The CINCAM was a good purchase at a good price, and customer support has always been very helpful, on the rare occasions it was needed. I have and would recommend the CinCam line of beam profilers to others in the laser optics field.”   

Brad Crochet, University of Southern Mississippi, USA

“Cinogy have provided a selection of CinCam IR cameras and RayCi Pro software that we use for the diagnostic system on a prototype high-energy laser amplifier we are developing. We operate multiple cameras over several PCs and perform real-time beam analysis on both near-field and far-field beam profiles.

The team at Cinogy have been very responsive and happy to implement customised developments for our specific application. The ability to run multiple cameras, from various suppliers, from a single software license makes RayCi a cost-effective and versatile solution for complex diagnostic systems. In addition, the ability to control the software by a simple script based programming language has proved invaluable. I am very satisfied with the service we have received and would be happy to recommend them to other laser developers.”   

Paul Mason, Science & Technology Facilities Council, UK



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